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Monday 05 March, 2012

Aoi Yamada Nendoroid

Tweet GSC has blessed all of us once again with their latest Aoi Yamada Nendoroid from the “Working!” series. My favorite character from the series has gotta be Yamada, I think overall shes just a really cute attention seeking and clumsy character. The nendo recreates many of the key scenes in the series, but really […]

Monday 06 February, 2012

Mahiru Inami Nendoroid Previews

Tweet From our good friend at the GSC comes another great preview of another one of their latest products from the series, WORKING!!. This time Mahiru Inami, the guy puncher. Just by looking for the pictures, you’ll think wow this one is really cute and adorable, and indeed it is! She comes with all her […]

Wednesday 05 October, 2011

Working!! Season 2 Looks Great!

Tweet † †Working!! season 2 aired a few days ago, and i must say, it looks great! We start off exactly where we left off, with the kitchen crew. Inami still has her man phobia problem, Poplar chan didnt grow any taller, and yamada is still sticking around.Compared to season 1, i dont know if […]

Friday 30 April, 2010

04-30 Music Update

Tweet Compilation of the recent released music from popular animes. Enjoy!!!_OP!!_ED!!_OP_ED Feel free to share or leave a comment below or discuss on the Forums! Did you like this? Share it:

Monday 12 April, 2010

Spring Quarter Anime Review

Tweet In this post i will be reviewing the most popular and noticeable anime, new from the spring quarter. All the titles reviewed can be downloaded in the wiki section. 1. K-ON!! season 2, *very high animation quality in the ED very unique as well 2. B gata H kei ( BH) *main girl is […]