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Sunday 30 January, 2011

Yuri Seijin Naoko san OVA!

Tweet I just recently watched Yuri Seijin Naoko san OVA, and i gotta say i really like the show! i hope they will make a full anime about it. I wont get into too much detail about the OVA or the episode, but lets just enjoy some epic screenshots below!. *why is she making call […]

Thursday 06 January, 2011

Black Gold Saw Animation Version is here!

Tweet *can you resist these eyes? GSC took a long break but, right after new years, they just came out with the new black rock shooter black gold saw animation version, and the quality is just mindblasting. You can now almost complete your Black Rock Shooter Animation version along with black rock shooter and Dead […]

Sunday 24 October, 2010

Day 19 ; Fresh Music Album Updates

Tweet Day 19; for something short and fast, today will be a music day. 5 fresh albums have been uploaded in the DL section. check them out! Links are under alphabetical order; K-ON!! Houkago Tea Time II To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OVA OP Single Motto ToLoveRu OP Single – Loop-the-Loop K-ON!! Original Soundtrack Vol.2 […]

Monday 30 August, 2010

My BRS Nendo Photoshoot

Tweet Just received the BRS nendoroid + the figma and they are amazing at first glance, attractive boxes + each comes with a 50 min DVD with 7 subtitles. This nendoroid comes with alot of accessories and the detail is one of the top i’ve seen. Time to show you some of my creations. When […]

Friday 20 August, 2010

BRS Nendo + Figma

Tweet after being delayed for a month, the BRS nendo + figma is scheduled to release at end of this month!! and now some HIGH QUALITY PREVIEW PICS! i have pre ordered them both ,and will take pictures with my new computer case that im almost done modding, more updates on those as i go, […]

Sunday 25 July, 2010

WonderFest 2010 Summer, Part 2 (BRS)

Tweet *Black Gold Saw from BRS, Part 2 of the WF2010 summer merchandise sneak peak review series, featuring Black rock shooter products. info and description below each pic if available . *Dead Master Nendo *BRS nendo that will released in Late August, you can pre order it now *Black Gold Saw, will we see […]