Tuesday 27 March, 2012

Maria and Kobato, Haganai figures!

Max Factory has blessed us with some interesting haganai figures, this time Maria and Kobato in bunny suits. If you look at these, you can immediately tell, these are some incredibly detailed figures, at a pretty good price. Each one is a 1/7 scaled, at 6800 yen per.To be released july. they look very seductive don’t they?



 *this is the mini chibi type figures from Phat. also very nice indeed!

 Also incase you guys didn’t notice, the max factory versions has transparent hair, I don’t know if you guys are digging it but it does seem pretty cool. Any fans pre ordering this?

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  • NickyNo Gravatar says:

    The chibi one of Kobato made me fall in love! But I don’t like loli, so there’s my answer for the Max Factory figurines…

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