Friday 23 March, 2012

Contest Result, we have a WINNER!

After careful consideration and decision from the team, and mostly me. I am announcing the winner of the design contest; Melissa G of Arizona is the grand winner. She is currently a graphic design / art students in the university of Arizona.

Her winning design can be seen above on the site, and i’ll list some reason why this is the winner. Colorful, not intrusive, very creative, and has a playful nature to it. The background has a very nice tone to it, and the keyboard and music / the little alien monsters fits very nicely.

Her prize originally was the Yuki Nagato nendoroid. BUT, since it was given away for the trivia ppl, i’ve decided to give her BLACK GOLD SAW Animation Ver. along with a 25% itunes giftcard.

Another giveaway in the early June, stay tuned! hope you all liked this contest.

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