Monday 13 February, 2012

3rd Anniversary Early Announcement!

Mikuru is turning 4 years old soon! Well, this site, not the actual Mikuru chan, nobody knows how old she really is, or shes forever young? but first, I’d like to thank all my readers and viewers and stalkers and everybody else for reading my site. As you all know, the 3rd anniversary is coming up very soon in March, but I’d like to make an announcement right now. I have been stacking up on a lot of merchandise here and there for a long time, even though I have not made an anime product / loot review for a long time, the reason is that there are just simply too much things going on etc.

Since you guys have been awesome this whole time, you shall be rewarded with FREE STUFF!

I will be breaking the news and some of the prizes early in this post, so you guys can prepare for the giveaway a little bit earlier.

preliminary giveaway rules / regulations;

-2 part event, giveaway and contest.
-Event will be held in terms of a contest / giveaway form. Your specialty skills might come in handy for this. and better catch up on your anime stuff!
-Guessing random stuff will not be involved in this one.
-The contest part will be art / design related, the winner will be determined by the general public through a poll, not by myself.
-Giveaway lasts ; 2 weeks for the contest part, 1 week for the trivia / other stuff.
-There will be an estimated of 6 winners total at the moment, each will receive 1-2 prizes of great value. Subject to change depending the amount of participants.
*More to be added as we get closer to March.

Prizes: Lots of stuff this year, below is only some of the stuff.
*Grand winner will have the ability to choose from the prize pool.
-Anime key chains / charms (i have a lot of them)
-iTunes cards, PlayStation Network Cards.
-Anime artbook / manga.
-There will be a figure or something of great value as the grand prize, but too early to reveal as of now.

*puke all the rainbows you want now, but the event will be LEGENDARY!

 Giveaway will officially start March 1st, and will last 2 weeks.

Hope you guys enjoyed this news. stay tuned for some more updates and other good stuff.


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