Sunday 22 January, 2012

New Site Completed

*since there aren’t any suitable images to go with this post, have some homura~


I am happy to announce that the new layout / design is completed. I have taken a lot of things into consideration and made a lot of changes to simplify the user experience. I hope you all like it. I will be going over some of the new stuff in this update.

Main Changes:

-Instead of 2 sidebars on the right, there is now only 1.
-Dynamic color/theme (right now it is a pink color, but can be changed to any other color later on to fit the main banner picture on top).
-All sidebar information and widgets now stay the same and everything can be found in the sidebar.
-footer has Tags, and Affiliates links, as well as my flickr gallery. blog post / styles stay the same, there has been no changes.
-Retweet button below Blog topic, Reshare button is on the bottom of the post, as well as Previous and Next post.
-Much faster loading time, and more cross-platform across different browsers and OS

I haven’t made the final decision on the widgets and layouts etc, but changes will be minor, and new features and updates will be announced later on.
Suggestions and comments and whatever may concern you, leave a message below.

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