Friday 14 January, 2011

Panty & Stocking OST Download [320kbps] Ver2 Updated!

I noticed there was some minor problems with the last rip on the previous post for the download, and the audio quality wasn’t up to expectations. I am sure many of you noticed this as well.

When I received the actual CD in the mail couple days ago, I did a better quality 320kbps rip and encoded the mp3 in 320kbps quality using the latest Lame encoder 3.89.xx. This one will have all the correct album information track names, artist, author, year published, and album artwork that is already embedded in the mp3. and with no audio problems what so ever.

Here it is the direct rip;!iMdQwDKQ!DRZanma5Ro6Fv4dU1f19K2q5hjo2ZVJLw0znWIho9Us, here is a list below.

updated scans;!iMdQwDKQ!DRZanma5Ro6Fv4dU1f19K2q5hjo2ZVJLw0znWIho9Us

I didn’t provide any rips this time because, the scanner part of my printer seems to be broken and I’m looking for replacement as we speak.

PS: the original track 20 is 15 minutes long which includes 10 minutes of silence, I have re encoded a track#21 to include only the actual vocals, and no silence after the song ends.

If you are not satisfied with the last rip, please re download this one in better quality.

thank you

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