Saturday 06 February, 2010

Site Layout/Navigation Changes

*plans to update this series onto youtube as well.

Tonight i will be re-organizing the site links and the side bars on the right hand sides to make it more user friendly so below are a list of things im going to change, so that way it will make things much easier to find and get what your looking for.

1. Quick NAV links will be put in to the left column† so you can find pages eaiser, forums, vids, download sub pages, youtube channel guides(different channels for different anime / music contents)

2. Right hand side will be a main subpage link containing all the stuff from a particular series / franchise , for example DJMAX, FF13, Bayonetta soundtracks all those separate thigns that doesnt really belong anywhere.

3. Some of the vids on the video page will be removed, mini series ( haruhi chan , churuya san) will stay, the streaming page will be mainly used for anime movies.

4. Completely removing the streamable audio section, since alot of the new popular songs will be uploaded on to youtube anime tracks, plan to put them into 1 big channel.

some of the quick youtube updates for the future:

1. channel for final fantasy 13 original soundtrack big task at hand

2. Durarara

the main layout change will† take place tonight, and as well as all other megauploads up til date.

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