Wednesday 10 February, 2010

Link Checker Instructions

*i wish they will anime this series!!!!!!!

This tutorial will cover how to check the megaupload links on my site to see if they are all valid and working before you download it. so you wont download half way and find a broken link. all broken links should be reported on the forums. WORKS WITH FIREFOX ONLY!

Note: the script works with alot of file sharing sites not limited to megauplaod and rapidshare.

1. get and install greasemonkey , the addon shows up as a monkey on the right corner of firefox.

2. go and install the rapidshare/megaupload link checker script.

3. restart firefox if necessary, make sure you enable/activate/ use the script.

4. go to one of any of the pages with a megaupload rapid share link.

5. below is an example.

6. Links that work such as this one will show up a green circle with a check mark.

Note: You can mouse over any valid link, and it should up up the link description. Name: [Nipponsei] K-ON! OP Single – Cagayake! GIRLS [Various].zip Size: 74.43 MB (78042283 bytes)

7. A random link that doesnt work will show up crossed out with a X mark.

below is a random page with some working link and non working link in my download section. due to the restrictive formatting of the mediawiki, there will be no check marks and X marks, working links are show up as it is, non working links are crossed out.

Hope this review helped you!

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