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Dead Master Figure Prototype – BRS

12 February 2010

*Black rock shooter main girls – Black Matagi, Black Gold Saw, Black Rock Shooter, Dead Master, Black Devil Girl. (left to right)

While i was surfing on random japanese blogs, i found out a really stunning looking high craftsmenship deadmaster figure. black rock shooter anime series is suppose to be due sometime around this spring, but no word yet on this matter still. but lets look at some up coming products from the BRS series. These products will be annouced etc as they become available for pre orders.

*this master piece has enough details and style to complete with the Miku Hatsune Vn02 Mix, definitely must buy! tho no word on this figure yet, will keep you guys posted!

*new nendo with sword?

*certainly looking forward for this

*due to release in April

*different pose


*deadmaster is certainly going to be a favorite!

*dead master is cooler than black rock shooter dont you think?

i will include some nice artworks for images of the week which is coming tomorrow.