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09 January 2010

*Bayonetta for ps3 and xbox

Last tuesday, i went to game stop and picked up Bayonetta for PS3, and along with the game i received a pre order bonus of 8 large posters of bayonetta and heres some pics and reviews of the game.

The mechanics is overall is very much like DMC4, i never played that game my self but from the vids on youtube its very similar. You play as bayonetta, a witch with some crazy ass magic powers, you’ll see them in the game. overall game plot revolves around bayonetta trying to discover her past and etc, you fight all sorts of crazy monsters from heaven, angels beasts all sorts of things. you have a wide variety of combo moves for different weapons, for the dual wielding gun you have like around 40-50 moves, thats a lot of moves to remember if you want to pull it off right, and additional 40-50 for all other types of weapons i suppose which you will unlock in the later game. The game it self consists of 14 chapters. total, and each chapter is full of action, cut scenes and very fun to play. The demo gameplay is out on ps3 network, and youtube some vids to see how cool it is.

*Poster pack

*Do you want to touch me?

* I love when people play hard to get!

*Flock Off, Feather-face!

*You can go another round, can’t you?

*I can’t help it if i like the little outfits. The toys are nice, too.

*Let’s rock, baby!’

*Do you naughty little angels deserve a good spanking?

some new game and merchandise review every month. stay tuned for epic Q1 2010 anime reviews.