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Tsumugi Kotobuki, 4/5 K-on.

17 December 2009


*4/5 k-on cast.

Finally another member of the k-on has been nendoized(i just invented that word). this time feat. mugi the keyboard player. She comes complete with three facial expressions: a smiling face, a giggling face, and a confused blank face.

Her keyboard, as well as a tea-set are also both included. The ‘radish eyebrows’ shown in the final episode of the anime are also included as stickers for you to enjoy. Display her with the other club members, and recreate the live performance of the K-ON club! price is around 35-40 bucks.


*keyboards! 2_2009Dec14162823_2792

*O_O 3_2009Dec14162823_2792

*tea time! 4_2009Dec14162823_2792

*^_^ 5_2009Dec14162823_2792 *LOL @ the brows!

more on Christmas & updates & merchandise soon.